How My Friend Julie Burke, A Stay-At-Home Mom Of Two, Built A Team Of Over 9,000 People With Social Media

How to build with social media Julie Burke

If you’re like us, you tried to get to all the meetings, phone calls and trainings you could, but if you have kids and a busy life, then by now you’ve found out that it’s not very sustainable, right? haha Pretty damn hard to build your network marketing business doing all of the time-intensive traditional […]

5 More Deadly Social Network Marketing Mistakes, And How To Fix ‘Em!

If your Facebook posts have these blowing through them, you’ll know you are “selling” too much on your wall! If you’re a Network Marketer… does this bug you? … …. You put all kinds of thought and energy into your Facebook posts, and if it has anything to do with your network marketing company, product […]

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